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tv   New Day  CNN  August 12, 2013 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate baldwin and michaela pereira. >> good morning. i'm chris cuomo. >> i'm kate bolduan here with michaela pereira. >> and now we'll talk live with a group of horseback riders who spotted hannah and james dimaggio and tipped off police. how their quick thinking probably saved her life. >> and also, sanjay gupta was on here last week talking about his
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powerful special about marijuana. we knew it was going to bring heated opinions and it did. sanjay will come on and talk about his own evolving view. >> being fired is bad enough but imagine being fired in front of 1,000 of your colleagues and co-workers. it happened by an aol employee, fired on a conference call. >> able, put that camera down right now. you're fired. out. >> wait until you hear why the ceo did it. does the punishment fit the crime? >> after that horrific week that saw her mother and brother killed and her own abduction, allegedly at the hands of a family friend, hannah anderson has finally been reunited with her father. the two met finally on sunday the day after an fbi agent shot and killed the suspect, james
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dimaggio. in a few minutes we're going to talk to the horseback riders who tipped off the police, but first let's go live too cnn's miguel marquez for the latest. hi, miguel. >> reporter: good morning, kate. we understand that hannah is doing fiend physically but the mental side of it will be difficult for her. we're also finding out a lot more about the final days and hours of this terrible story. 16-year-old hannah recuperating from a hellish experience, an fbi specialist helping her cope with devastating lost of her mother, her brother ethan and a terrifying week on the run with her captor, james dimaggio. >> they showed up at the lake
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and they was just like a square peg going into a round hole, they didn't hit. he might have been an outdoorsman in california but he was not an outdoorsman in idaho and he didn't hit fifth. >> that led hundreds of fbi officers on a tough road. >> we had a 16-year-old girl we wanted to end safely. >> reporter: and dimaggio's blue versa found in the wood. and a huge break for searchers. >> the camp site was spotted from the air and ground units were sent into that area, which eventually led to the confrontation. >> but the steep terrain forced helicopters to dropped hostage
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rescue teams hours away from the suspected camp site. as they quietly moved in on dimaggio and anderson, they waited until the two separated and then -- >> approximately 5:20 local time, special agents with the fbi's hostage rescue team along with salt lake city division of the fbi observed hannah and the suspect near moore head lake at a camp site. agents moved in to rescue hannah. the suspect is deceased. >> the 40-year-old was killed when confronted. it is not clear what hannah saw of his end. >> this was, you know, started essentially in earnest yesterday morning and today less than 36 hours later she is home and she is safe. hannah is safe. >> reporter: as good an ending as possible for a horrific story. while hannah seems physically
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fine from everything we've heard, it will take a lifetime for her to recover. the story is winding down for us but for her it just beginning. the first order of business for her when she gets back home, funerals of her mother and her brother. chris? >> miguel, important point, so much pain here. thank you for your reporting throughout the week. we also want to play up the fact this was seen as unlikely. the idea that hannah is back home with her father is good news any way you look at it. in big part it because of those eagle-eyed horseback riders who spotted hannah anderson and james dimaggio and they are being haled today rightly as heria. mark and crista john and mike and mary young join us now. lanls, thank up for being with us this morning on "new day." we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> that is a very nice shirt you have on, sir. so i'm going to begin with you. i know there is reluctance among of four of you of having done
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something special, you see this as something good people are supposed to do. it is so key that you discovered and i hope you you'll realize how important it was. do you? >> yes, that the point we do. >> let's set the scene. you're out there riding. takes through where you were and what you saw that triggered your curiosity. >> we started out from the sandy trail head and rode on up to the ridge and immediately we came upon this young girl and older man and they just really didn't fit very well. the expressions on their face, their demeanor, just didn't fit that country. they was out of place completely. they weren't dressed for the country or the area and then as we rode further on, we encountered the tent that they had set up, which was totally
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out of place. it was way on top of a mountain, looked like it would make a real good lightning rod. so we was discussing the fact that they didn't fit there, that something was wrong. >> so it's interesting. you're talking about the particulars of how they set themselves up as campers but also one of the ladies felt there was something about hannah. ladies, will you speak to that? who was it they wanted to reach out and speak to hannah, they were sensing something. what was it? >> that was me. they followed us from the top of the ridge. we rode done into the lake and they followed us on foot. and she was sitting there and i just felt like i should go over there and kind of just see if she needed help and mark says, you know, maybe he had a feeling being in law enforcement for all those years and in the military, he had a feeling i shouldn't maybe do that. i did talk to him about why he
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was there in this far out place and he said she got to pick where we went last year, she wanted to go to los angeles and to hollywood so this year it was my turn and that was a good explanation for me. but i did want to make kind of a contact with her. in retrospect i'm glad that i didn't because that could have turned out terribly wrong for all of us. >> so the four of you continued on your way but it didn't go out of your mind. you get back home, you turn on the news, you hear about the amber alert. what do you do? >> well, the minute i seen the amber alert on television, i immediately pointed to my wife, i said that is the girl that we seen up on that mountain. so we contacted the other couple that was with us and asked them to turn the tv on and confirm
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it. and as soon as we conversed over that, then i contacted the idaho state police and we got the ball roll ing. >> mike and mary, you guys were along on this trip, when you realized it was that i don't think girl, what was that like? did you feel we have to do something about it or we have to go back? where was your head on that? >> we offered our help. we felt like something definitely needed to be done. >> one thing that's come out of this is how important that amber alert is, that people need to be aware and observant. otherwise we would have missed turning in that information. >> it is better to make a phone call and be wrong about the situation than not make it at
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all. >> so, please, if you see something, everybody has that god-given feeling you see something wrong, you may be right. >> we tell people if you see something, say something. it's such a big area, you know better than certainly i do, they may have not been found until it was too late. >> yes. >> that's definitely correct. >> well, thanks very much. i'm sure you weren't looking for this attention but you need it. people need to see you're doing the right this evening in a situation that needed it most. so thank you very much. i appreciate you wearing that beautiful shirt this morning, brightening up our monday morning. >> thank you. you're welcome. >> thank you for joining us on "new day." isn't that great they saw something, they took the time, they made their effort and look what a difference it made. relatives of hannah anderson say
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she will get plenty of support from her family now that she's been found and certainly there's so much for her to deal with. uncovered this morning it was a disturbing family history as well for james dimaggio. people were wondering how did he do this, why did he do this? we now know things that help fill in that picture. casey wian is live in san diego. casey, this was the big question, how does someone who is so beloved by this family turn into something so wrong? now we see a more complete picture, yes? >> reporter: that's right, chris. there are new chilling details emerging about james dimaggio, his own father, that family background. while that's going on, hannah anderson's family in san diego eagerly awaits her return. >> our baby girl. >> reporter: the family of 16-year-old hannah anderson after fearing the worst for nearly a week. >> i'm so glad she's safe. >> me, too. >> reporter: before leaving for idaho, hannah's father texted
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cnn he was nervous and excited about their reunion. as family looks forward to hannah's future, new questions about her alleged kidnapper's past. he was described as her father's best friend, a trusted father figure. but he was also the son of another troubled man also named james dimaggio, who held the daughter of a former girl friend captive in 1989. >> i asked him not to kill us and he said don't wosrry, you ae won't feel a thing. >> reporter: she escaped. and she attended the same high school as his son and his son tolder this -- >> i was walking to my locker and his son said my dad is out and he said to let you know he'll be waiting for you after
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school. >> reporter: what i found out is that jim's father had committed suicide in 1998. >> reporter: to be exact, dimaggio's father took a fatal drug overdose august 10, 1998, 15 years to the day before an fbi agent killed his son in these remote idaho woods, freeing another 16-year-old girl. >> there's another date that may have played a role in all of this and that's august 3rd. that's the day james dimaggio's father disappeared before his suicide back in 1998. august 3rd also the date that james dimaggio's mobile home was found on fire with the bodies of hannah anderson mother and younger brother inside, launching this manhunt that ended this weekend. chris, kate? >> all right, thanks so much, casey. there is a lot of news developing at this hour. let's get straight to michaela. >> breaking overnight, a giant
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sinkhole has collapsed in lakeland, florida, not that far from disney world. >> it was the most surreal experience. i never could imagine in my wildest dreams. >> reporter: a huge scare just ten miles from disney world. a giant 60-foot sink hold suddenly opened beneath them. >> one woman was sitting in the tub and the tub just levitated. that's when she grabbed a pair of shorts and came out with another. >> reporter: it devoured one three-story building and continues to sink another. 35 guests were rushed to safety. >> reporter: it left a 15-foot deep crater in the ground. witnesses said they heard loud noises and windows cracking.
4:15 am
>> i just saw one person had to break out of the wind open because the door frame collapsed. >> reporter: all the guests were evacuated self and no one was hurt, though it did put a damper on many vacations. >> kiwi just got here. you know, i don't want the kid it see us, you know, with a sad face. they came to see mickey, you know. i'm going to do my best to make it happen for them regardless of, you know, the material things we've lost. >> good attitude. local authorities are concerned because that sinkhole is still growing. >> the state department has reopened 18 embassies and consulates in the mideast and north africa. the u.s. embassy in yemen will remain shuttered because of concerns. and the embassy in lahore pakistan will remain closed.
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>> this teen posted he would shoot up -- >> coming under fire this morning for wearing a barack obama mask and asking spectators if they'd like to see the president run over by a bull. the performance was called offense by the governor. >> and a group of tie rope walke walkers performing a series of death defying stunts high in the sky. they walked, they sat, they danced and walked over each other. one of the performers even did a head stand on the steel wire.
4:17 am
that is it what you call amazing. >> that is what you call trust. >> nick wallenda is watching saying i can do that. >> but does he have all the people that are willing to let him? >> i'd rather be wallenda than the guy lying on the wire. >> i know very little about a lot but that is kind of the safety pose that nick had shown me that if the winds would get high, you go down and lay down on the wire and because you can wrap your legs around the wire if need be. >> my safety pose is sitting on the bus. that's my safety pose. >> we have some more stunning pictures to show you.
4:18 am
flash floods ripped through a town in colorado. one woman is killed, another still missing. jennifer delgado is tracking the weather. >> we talk about the flooding that's been happening across parts of the midwest but we really want to folks on colorado. the situation was made even worse because we're talking in a low-lying area. you see the terrain in the mountains there. when the rein came down, it basically just pooled out the bottom. the rein is still we covering from what was a wildfire last year, the water has nothing to hold on. what you're seeing in green is the burn scar from last year's wildfire. the region didn't have anything out there to hold on to. we're still looking at rain in new york city. the rain will stick around for the next about two hours or so. in the midwest, we're going to add in some lightning for you. chicago, you're starting to dry
4:19 am
things out but it is moving through areas, including detroit. we're going to keep more rain around for parts of the south as we go through the next couple days. that front will squeeze out several inches of rainfall through the next couple of days. that means the flood threat will be great once again. >> important information. let's move on to another story this morning. strong words from the father of nas leaker edward snowden. lon snowden said president obama and others have ruined the potential jury pool for his son. he does say he plans to visit russia and work out a plan to bring his son home. dan lothian is traveling with the president who is on vacation in martha's vineyard. dan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. for the president it's always a working vacation. he can't escape the snowden case, the nsa leaker's father delivering that harsh rebuke. but from the white house so far,
4:20 am
no comment. president obama in vacation mode on a ven vin golf course, showing a bit of frustration after missing a putt, while nsa leaker edward snowden as father appeared on a sunday among talk show, taking aim at the president and a republican congressman who has labelled his son a traitor. >> my son has spoken the truth and sacrificed more than the president of the united states or peter king ever. >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. the fact is he's been charged with three felonies. >> reporter: now snowden's father says he and his attorney will be traveling to russia soon to help his son fight those charges. >> reporter: it's the frenzy
4:21 am
that lon snowden claims will make it difficult for his son to get a fair hearing if he returns to the u.s. >> i want my son to come home if the justice system that we're afforded as americans is going to be applied correctly. >> reporter: snowden says that they have poisoned the well, making it difficult to found an impartial jury. >> it's interesting. it sounds like he was going to bring him back to face the system but then he qualified it and said if it's going to be a fair trial. maybe he's not going to bring it back. can we bring back the picture of the president playing golf portfolio the president is in
4:22 am
great shape and he's well dressed. i don't know about the shorts, though. >> what do they say about those who live in glass houses? >> i don't have any goofy shorts. >> why? should he have been wearing long pants? >> i don't know. something about those shorts. i'll have to think about it during the break. >> chris is fashion police today. >> hardly. there's just something about them. >> coming up next on "new day," dr. sanjay gupta's special "weed" is creating a lot of buzz. alert.
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welcome back to "new day." there's quite a lot of buzz this morning, no pun intended, about sanjay gupta's documentary about weed last night. sanjay, you knew that when you you were going to come out not only to talk about your position on medical marijuana but also in putting to the this documentary that you spent over a year investigating, you knew people were going to be talking about it but were you surprised by all the reaction? this has really started a national conversation. >> i'll a little bit surprised by that. and i think the types of people, doctors, people from the church, politicians e-mailing me, curious about this, wanting more
4:27 am
information. it started a dialogue nationally and even in places around the world. part of this is i think a lot of people are thinking about this in a way they hadn't before but actually being able to be informed about this, so much of the conversation is relying on conjecture and hyperbole and stories, i think the story is helpful. >> and you're making a distinction between the m medicinal use of marijuana and recreational use is different. >> we profile this little girl named charlotte. people think of people smoking marijuana, being unproductive and getting high. then you watch what happens to
4:28 am
this girl charlotte. the type of marijuana is a medicinal marijuana. it has low thc, country is the stuff that is a low psycho active part and high cbd. she's not smoking it. she's taking it as an oil and took her seizures from 300 a week to two or three a month. what you think of when you think of marijuana use in this country i think will change when you see something like this. but i think there's a bright line to be drawn between those two. >> let's talk about some of the criticism. you knew this was going to have people talking. there's a lot that we could talk about but here's some of it. the director of the national institute on drug abuse came out and said marijuana is especially harmful to brain development in adolescents. what has your research found about that? >> first of all, she was in our documentary. second of all, we said that in the documentary.
4:29 am
third of all, i'm a dad. we're not trying to be irresponsible here. the type of thc and type of marijuana out there, this is not something i would advocate for people who are adolescents and for people's hose brains are not fully developed to age 24, 25 or so. we say the same thing, i don't want my kid drinking alcohol, i don't want them taking narcotic medications if they don't need it. all that is true. but the trade-off should not be that we will deny people therapy that works, we will deny people therapy that may be the only thing that works for they. i get it but understand what you're trade offiing off here. >> volkoff says this was also
4:30 am
said about cocaine. she's connecting the dots sand saying we don't yet know the long-tem effects so we should be careful not to be pushing it too far too fast. >> she's a very educated woman and has spent a lifetime researching this. she knows there's research out there. there's been research for a thousand years. there have been papers that i fond between 1860 and 1930 talking about the effects of marijuana. i think if you want to draw a comparison, maybe it shouldn't be cocaine and heroin but rather to narcotics that are actually available right now. people take these narcotic medications such at oxycontin and people die of an overdose. i could not find a case of a
4:31 am
marijuana overdose. should we learn more about the efficacy? of course we should. we enable people to take narcotic pain medications that after six months don't probably have a significant benefit and could lead to someone's death every 19ments. and the thing they could be comparing to is this potentially effective therapy. >> i think regardless people can agree that talking about it is the most important thing. if there is evolving research and science, there could be evolving viewpoints. they very least we've sparked a conversation about it. >> i want to remind viewers "weed" will replay this friday at 10:00 p.m. eastern. recommend you take a look. >> investigators are still looking for the murder weapon in the aaron hernandez case. is his fiancee the key?
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♪ welcome back to "new day." i'm chris cuomo. >> and i'm kate bouldan.
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we're here with michaela pereira. >> hannah anderson and her dad are reunited. the california teen found alive and well saturday by the fbi in the idaho wilderness. her suspected abductor shot and killed during her rescue. dimaggio allegedly murdered hannah's mother and brother, before abducting her last week triggering a four-state amber alert and a man hunt. >> and a toddler has been found unharmed in rhode island after putting out an amber alert. he was found wandering the streets alone. he lives in nearby johnston, rhode island where two people were found murdered this weekend.
4:37 am
two suspects are facing kidnapping and murder charges. >> the search is on for a woman in colorado for a woman last seen desperately clinging to a tree near a swollen river. about an inch and a half of rain fell in 30 minutes, triggering mud slides. the rushing water tossed cars around like toys. more than three dozen homes and businesses damaged by that water and mud. >> the mother of a 7-month-old baby in tennessee reportedly appealing a judge's ruling that she change his name from messiah to martin. the judge ordered the chang arguing that this name was earned by one person and one person only and that was jesus christ. the mother saved she liked the way his name sounded alongside his sibling's names, mason and
4:38 am
micah. >> and 10-year-old tyson was trying to impress judges when an 8-foot-long bull shark latched on to his surf board. >> he threw me into the lane and i swam in as hard as i could. >> his eyeballs were about as big as a horse when i grabbed him and mine were, too. we were scared to death. >> he unhooked his ankle from the surf board right before the shark clamped down on it. >> and an expectant mother had fun when they decided to tell their parents the good news. they decided to turn it into a scavenger hunt when she discovered the gift and discovered the good news. >> i just love it.
4:39 am
it just -- grandma is so excited that there is a bun in the oven. but she got the connection. >> i would have been halfway through digesting that thing before it hit me what it was. why are you all looking at me eating this? you want some? and what's with you, you putting on weight? >> i love that scream. >> there's no joy like that. when parents become grandparents, they love it. >> and a new lead in the aaron hernandez case. he charged with murdering a semi-pro football player. now new evidence is shifting to another target. what's going on? >> a stunner here. investigators now taking a very close look at the fiancee of
4:40 am
aaron hernandez to see whether she might have help him get rid of the murder weapon. did the fiancee of fallen football star aaron hearne dead help him hide a murder weapon? it a possibility police are considering as they desperately try to find the gun used to kill odin lloyd. >> in the ten days before hernandez was arrested, his fiancee was seen coming and going from their home. she's also seen on different surveillance video leaving the house after receiving a message from the former patriot. his fiancee allegedly puts a
4:41 am
rigid object into the car, according to affidavit, and returns a half hour later without carrying anything back inside the house. these surveillance stills taken inside hernandez's home shown in the hours just before and after the murder of lloyd holding what is believed to be a gun. carlos ortiz said after the murder hernandez put two guns into a lock box. warrants were you wr also executed at a storage facility in bristol. investigators also searched a lake near his home. >> even if the murder weapon is not found, this apierce to be a very strong case against mr. hernandez. >> hernandez pleaded not guilty. everyone is waiting for the grand jury to file indictments, which could come by the 22nd of
4:42 am
this month, next week. to find out whether more people may be charged in the case. by the way, hernandez's cousin is in jail charged with contempt of court for refusing to cooperate with that grand jury. this is a tangled web. >> what a mess for so many in that family. thanks so much for that update. >> coming up next on "new day," "glee" star leah michelle pays tribute to corey monteith. >> and there's no way to lose a job. we'll introduce you to the guy that happened to. y. now add the dodge part. ♪
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brown: on my third day as principal, i met with the state. students had fallen behind, and morale was low. my first job was getting everyone to believe... that we could turn this around. i needed my staff to see what was possible. turning around a school, is not some, mystical, magical thing. it does take hard, dedicated work each day.
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i was a chemistry major in college, and then... i joined teach for america. that's the reason i'm here. aol's employees were expecting to hear about some layoffs. what they didn't expect to hear
4:46 am
was someone actually getting fired live with a thousand people listening in. ceo tim armstrong stopped mid sentence on a conference call to ax an executive. john berman is here to explain what happened. >> getting fired, as we say, is never easy but getting fired in front of a thousand people with a thousand people watching and listening over taking a photo at a meeting here, that has to be incredibly difficult. this has the tech world and people everywhere simply stunned. >> you're fired. >> it may be donald trump's favorite expression. >> you're fired. you're fired. >> but they're the two words you never want to hear from your boss. one employee of aol just got the ax in a very public way. 1,000 people listened in as his boss gave him the boot. >> able, you're fired, out. >> tim armstrong fired an
4:47 am
executive during a conference call set out to outline cutbacks. able reportedly tried to take a picture of armstrong and it didn't end well. >> able put that camera down now. you're fired, out. >> he told employees, we can't have people giving the game plan away. at least he was told he was being let go. one restaurant owner in winter park, florida texted his staff they would no longer have jobs. being fired just isn't easy. >> i'm not going to do what you all think i'm going to do, which is flip out!
4:48 am
>> able, you're fired. out. >> i'm going to try to try to take a picture of all of you. >> we can't fire you. >> we reached out to both aol and able lens. we were iunable to get a commen. over the next several days, 400 of their sites will be. >> well, that's one way. >> you're fired. coming up on "new day" about a month after corrie monteith's as your life changes, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change
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welcome back to "new day" everyone. it's time for the "top 4." >> the pop 4 today is all about one. lea michele's tribute to corrie monteith last night at the teen choice awards. >> you guys are most certainly the greatest fans in the world and i wanted to dedicate this award to cory. for all of you out there who loved and admired cory like i
4:53 am
did, i promise with your love, we're going to get through this together. he was very special to me and also to the world. and we were very lucky to witness his incredible talent, his handsome smile and his beautiful, beautiful heart. >> remember, lea michele was his girlfriend onscreen and off in the show "glee" and also in real life. the "glee" creators say they are going to deal with his death in the premier episode of this season. because we were just chatting about it, how will they write this into the script. >> it's particularly difficult to write it into the script. because at the end of last season, he was just coming back. >> he was coming back from college to the high school "glee" club. we didn't see him in the last two episodes of last season because he was in rehab at that point. we're not sure how they're going to deal with it but they may just face it head on.
4:54 am
>> islt's interesting to see th castmates up there too, because that's going to rock your world. >> they did say that he had dealt with sobriety issues and substance abuse issues for a while. he was kind of the rock of the group. they went to him a lot to get advice. so you have to think that it definitely has affected all of them really. >> you did hear, i remember when this was just happening, the producers kept calling him the anchor of the show. >> he was kind of the moral come pass on the show. >> he looked like he had everything going for him, he's gorgeous, he's young, he's successful. >> addiction is a disease, it's a battle every single day. >> this is a big opportunity for
4:55 am
them. they shouldn't waste it. everybody knows about it. >> happy monday, everybody, we're going to take a quick break, when question come back on "new day" swallowed up by the earth. the latest on a giant sink hole in florida that's ripping apart buildings at a resort. and guess what? it's not done yet. a (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment.
4:59 am
there couldn't have been any better news, we're excited to have our granddaughter home. >> reunited, hanna anderson rescued, back with her father, new details inside the nationwide search that led to that rescue. the witnesses who saved the day and what her dad says now. outrageous in san diego, the mayor now out of rehab early and back in office. residents trying everything to get him out as he fights off accusations from 14 him that he harassed them. somebody's tracking you. major retailers now tracking what and how much you return to their stores. does your favorite store have a return profile on you? your new day continues right now. >> at that point, i told my staff, i said we need to
5:00 am
evacuate. >> good morning, i am chris cuomo, we're here wi-- coming u hour, 16-year-old hannah anderson is back with her father after a dramatic rescue. her captor, james dimaggio dead. hannah was rescued after a group of horse back riders saw something and felt it was out of place. why a 16-foot wide sink hole began to devour a building near disneyland. the building looks like it's cracking in half. and a story that we have been tracking here on "new day,"
5:01 am
a young man jailed for months and facing terrorism charges overan online post. he says he was merely joking about shooting up a school, but authorities, they think otherwise. we'll bring you the very latest on the case. another case we have been watching very closely, the family of 16-year-old hannah anderson is now returning home to southern california. she's now with her father after being rescued in idaho over the weekend. hannah and james dimaggio were spotted by a group of horse back riders who spotted them and felt that something was just not right. >> reporter: this story has so many twists and turns, the important bit right now is that hannah is doing fine physically, she'll have a long recovery, and we're learning a lot more about
5:02 am
the days and hours of this story. this morning, 16-year-old hannah anderson recouperating from a harrowing story. the mystery started unraveling on wednesday when two couples riding horses in the back country here had an unusual encounter with anderson and her suspected abductor, providing a critical tip for authorities. >> they showed up at the lake and they were just like a square peg going into a round hole, they just didn't fit. he might have been an outdoors man in california, but he was not an outdoorsman in idaho. >> this is a homicide suspect that was in a very rugged area and we had a 16-year-old girl who we wanted to bring home
5:03 am
safely. >> reporter: and then another clue, dimaggio's blue nissan verse a was found with no sign of hannah or dimaggio. >> the campsite was spotted from the air and then the ground units were sent into that area which eventually led to the confrontation. >> but the steep terrain forced helicopters to drop hostage rescue teams hours away from the suspected campsite. as they quietly moved in on dimaggio and anderson. they waited until the two separated and then -- >> agents moved in to rescue hannah. the suspect is deceased. >> it is not clear what hannah saw of his end. >> less than 36 hours she's home and hannah is safe. >> the best outcome possible for
5:04 am
an horrific story. and there are tour days ahead for 16-year-old hannah anderson. the first order of business will be to attend the funeral of her mother and her 8-year-old brother ethan. >> all right, miguel, thank you very much. now earlier on "new day" we spoke to those horse back riders who spotted james dimaggio and hannah in the back country. they told us the list of the apparently small things that made them take a second look. >> we came upon this young girl and this older man and they just really didn't fit very well. the expressions on their face, their demeanor, just didn't fit that country. they was out of place completely. they weren't dressed for the country or the area. and then as we rode further on, we encountered the tent they had
5:05 am
set up which was totally out of place. it was way up on a mountain and looked like it would make a real good lightning rod. >> who was it that felt that they wanted to reach out and speak to hannah, they were sensing something, what was it? >> that was me, they followed us from the top of the ridge, we rode down into the lake and they followed us on foot. and she was sitting there and i just felt like i should go over there and kind of just see if she needed help. i did want to make kind of contact with her. and in retrospect i'm glad i didn't, because that could have turned out terribly wrong for all of us. >> it didn't go out of your mind. you get back home, you turn on the news, you hear about the amber alert, what do you do. >> the minute i seen the amber alert on television, i immediately pointed to my wife,
5:06 am
i said that is the girl that we seen up on that mountain. and so we contacted the other couple that was with us and asked them to turn the tv on and confirm it. and as soon as we conversed over that, then i contacted the idaho state police and we got the ball rolling. >> one thing that's come out of this is how important the amber alert is. that people need to be aware and observant. otherwise we would have missed turning in that information. >> it is better to make a phone call and be wrong about the situation than not make it at all. >> it's amazing, all along they said it was going to take the public to help them in this
5:07 am
multistate man hunt. and it was the small little things that they saw that really tipped them off. >> it's really great how they came back, they talked amongst themselves. >> steve moore, a former fbi agent who specialized in investigation and prosecution of violent crimes. steve, thanks so much for coming on. glad we're talking about these circumstances and how this ended. i want to talk about that critical tip from the horseback riders we just talked to. it just looked like a square peg in a round hole. they didn't exchange the pleasantries typical that you would have when you come upon someone in the wilderness. what would authorities have done with that information when they had gotten that call? >> it's like triage, when somebody walk into an emergency
5:08 am
room you, have to look at the totality of the situation and find out what you're dealing with. one of those gentlemen from what i have read was a former deputy sheriff or a law enforcement person and he saw the totality of this. it wasn't just one thing, it wasn't just new equipment, it was new equipment combined with the way they acted. i think she might have even been in pajamas which is a kicker. so i think he did a phenomenal job of just saying something's wrong here. >> let's talk about how this all really went down then, the searchers, they spotted them from the air and then they dropped teams 2 1/2 hours from the location where they were. talk to me about the strategy that you would know how the fbi would handle coordinating all of this. what kind of strategy were they employing here. >> this is something we train to do in s.w.a.t. you would not want to be dropped right on the campsite because the hostage taker could harm or
5:09 am
at least get to the victim before you could do anything about it. two hours away is probably their desired distance. because it's going to take them a while to infiltrate the area of the campsite covertly. i would guess that the first time that the hostage taker knew that the fbi was there was when he was told to put his hands up. >> and then the final confrontation and how it ended, james dimaggio was killed obviously and that's under investigation, we don't know a lot of those specific details. we are told that they waited to move in until dimaggio and hannah, they were no longer near each other. what does that tell you. >> that tells me they were following standard procedure for a hostage rescue. you wait until there is distance between the two and then you act it makes no sense to it otherwise. and what you do then -- i mean your first goal is to bring her
5:10 am
home. your second goal is to arrest him alive. the first one has to take precedence. and if you stand up and say fbi, stop what you're doing, put your hands up and he declines your offer, then you have to do whatever you can do to ensure her safety. and if he starts towards her or pulls a gun, those are two things that he has decided he's not going to be taken alive. that's not even in the agent's purview, he made that decision. >> i want to get your take on this very strange detail, even more bizarre adding to this case that we're learning this morning. the fact that dimaggio's own father was caught up in a nearly identical criminal situation years ago. does that tell you anything about the profile of the criminal? or is this just a horrific coincidence? >> it's not a horrific coincidence, you're right.
5:11 am
this is what i've been saying from the beginning. the andersons didn't know he had this background is my guess, but other people did. people who have this kind of violent tendency, people who have this kind of propensity have a thing -- they give it away, it's called leakage and people see it. there's a lift there and i don't know how much you can predict behavior based on his past, but it was there to be seen. >> you may not want to believe it if the someone is your neighbor or your friend, but you may have that question in your mind. steve, it's great to speak with you and great to get your perspective on how this all went down, the amazing fete of rescue and recovery. >> now we understand why a guy who was so beloved could do something so horrific, we know something about him. what we still don't know, imagine being part of that fbi takedown, moving for hours in
5:12 am
tough terrain, surrounding this guy without ever knowing. it's amazing the work that they did. >> when you're in a time in need, there are these highly trained individuals who can still pull it off. it's amazing to me. >> good morning, guys, we're watching a situation in central florida where a resort there has a 60-foot wide skinning hole some 50 feet deep. some incredible pictures coming out of the area. already causing a partial come lance of that building there at the summer bay report about 30 miles north of orlando. >> it's a most surreal experience, i never could have imagined in my wildest dreams. >> reporter: a huge square overnight at this florida resort when a 60-foot sink hole opened beneath them.
5:13 am
>> the top just levetated and she grabbed a pair of shorts and came out with something. >> reporter: the sink hole nearly devoured one two story building and severely damaged another. >> everybody went out the buildings, we got everyone out of there, went searching for them in the rooms. >> reporter: the sink hole left a 50-foot crater in the ground. witnesses say they heard loud cracking. >> one person had to break out of a window because the door frame collapsed and he and his wife and an infant, he had to break the window so they could escape. >> reporter: all the guests were evacuated safely and no one was hurt. though the incident put a damper on in vacations. >> we just got here and don't want the kids to see us with a sad face, they came to see mickey and i'm going to do my best to make it happen for them regardless of the material
5:14 am
things we have lost. >> th >> a sink hole in february swallowed a man who was never found. 19 embassies were shut down after al qaeda messages about an attack were intercepted by u.s. intelligence. the u.s. embassy meanwhile in yemen remains closed as does the u.s. consulate in pakistan. a bill is inspired by actor jason patrick's efforts to obtain custody of his son gus. california law says that a man is not entitled to rights -- talking about his crusade. >> i intend to parent this child, the word parent means to
5:15 am
beget, birth, nourish -- daniel shriver signing intended parent next to me, not only are we the parents but she's in effect confirming that she wants to raise this child. >> the bill under consideration would allow a sperm donor to establish paternity if he receives the child in the home and openly holds out the child has his natural offspring. jelly fish on the attack. more than 200 swimmers stung on beaches along the coast in central florida. it seems the wind currents pushed those jelly fish close to the shoreline. they have expected to remain a nuisance as currents once again drag them back out to sea. we have puppies and cats now. this is a 31-pound cat from nashville. now under a doctor's order to lose weight. buddha was rescued from a shelter after his last owner gave him up.
5:16 am
the proothey say the cat went c when they were having pasta for lunch. at 31 pounds. that cat is not going to be happy about going on a diet either. nobody is, let's be honest. >> get him a bag ball of yarn. >> chase it around. >> ease down on the food. nice thing about cats and dogs, they can lose weight quickly. you have to, you got to extend its life. >> that's going to be a short life for that kitty. >> although my mom is going to be in disgust, food does not always equal love. you can love a cat and not overfeed it. let's talk about the weather, shall we? >> devastating mudslides in colorado after an inch and a half of rain fell on friday night in 30 minutes. a woman last seen clinging to a
5:17 am
tree in a rising creek west of colorado. she is still missing. just look at that video. another man was killed by floodwaters in a colorado resort town. floodwaters swept one home away and caused extensive damage to several others. our jennifer delgado is life from the cnn center with more on this. what are the conditions now, jennifer? >> the conditions are quiet, but as we go through the day, we're still going to see a chance for more storms to pop-up. all that monsoon moisture out there to work with. we move across to the east, rain is going to be coming in in about the next two hours and heavy rainfall and strong storms. parts of the midwest, you can see for kansas city, foredetroit, moving out of chicago, some of these locations getting some very heavy rainfall in the next couple of days.
5:18 am
it's all courtesy of a front. this front is going to be bringing a taste of fall like temperatures. look at these temperatures for minneapolis as well as chicago. your temperature is going to be about 10 degrees lower than average for this time of year. on tuesday, you're going to feel the falling temperatures as this front moves through. we want to make sure that people are safe and aware of the potential for flooding out there. >> appreciate the information. moving on how, edward snowden's father is promising this morning to bring the leaker home. why? because he questions whether his son can get a fair trial in the u.s. he says high level officials including president obama is to blame. >> reporter: for the president, it is always a working vacation, he can't escape the snowden case. the nsa leaker's father
5:19 am
delivering that harsh rebuke while at the same time strongly defending his son and insisting that the truth will shine through. >> president obama in vacation mode on a martha's vineyard golf course, showing a bit of frustration after missing a putt. while nsa leaker edward snowden's father appeared on a sunday morning talk show taking aim at the president, who has labeled his son as a traitor. >> my son has sacrificed more th than -- >> lon snowden was reacting to the president's prevail indication news conference where he dismissed the notion that the younger snowden's -- >> the fact is that mr. snowden has been charged with three felonies. >> reporter: now snowden's father says he and his attorney will be heading to russia very soon to fight those charges.
5:20 am
>> we have a date we won't disclose right now because of the frenzy. >> reporter: it's that frenzy that lon snowden claims will make it difficult for his son to get a fair hearing if he returns to the u.s. >> i want my son to come home if i believe the justice system that we should be afforded as americans is going to be applied correctly. >> reporter: now snowden says that the comments by lawmakers have been absolutely responsible and inconsistent with the u.s. justice system, he believes that these comments have poisoned the well and will make it very difficult for his son to get an impartial jury if he stands trials in this country. the white house no comment on those remarks. >> thanks so much, dan. coming up next on "new day" the embattled mayor of san diego have accused bob filner of inappropriate behavior. and we all do it at one time
5:21 am
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[ laughs ] away beckons from orion's belt. a place that's closer than you think. find your away. for a dealer and the rv that's right for you, visit welcome back to "new day" everybody. growing outrage this morning over san diego mayor bob filner. he's been accused of sexual
5:25 am
harassment by 14 separate women. and this weekend, he suddenly left the rehab that was designed to fix his alleged behavior. filner's lawyer says, however, he completed the two-week treatment because he started a week earlier than he said he would. regardless, filner did not head back to the mayor's office and the question from his san diego residents is whether he should return at all. >> reporter: this morning in san diego, mayor bob filner is believed to be back in the city he governs after checking out of rehab a week before he publicly said he would finish. >> it's people shaking their heads and saying it's ridiculous, why is it continuing? >> reporter: filner's residents overwhelmfully want him to stay away. >> really mayor? you did what you did and you want to stay as mayor? [ bleep ] you're not staying as
5:26 am
may your. >> reporter: barbara boxer writing an e-mail to filner saying you must resign. women recovering from sexual assault have shaken me to my core. these two women former military and rape survivors who say they were harassed by filner at a support meeting. the chairman of the house veteran's affairs committee was invi invited into their victim --- >> we're all victims of sexual assault, and it appears to me that he was targeting this organization and hitting on the women in this organization because they were easy prey. >> reporter: the city attorney's office, the sheriff's department are working on investigating the mayor. filner's chief of staff reportedly changed the locks on the mayor's office to preserve what she calls potential evidence. the mayor remains on personal leave amid the growing chorus
5:27 am
for him to resign. >> you have to keep in mind here, it would be difficult for mr. filner to be taken out of office, it requires a recall vote that costs time and expense. that's why there's calls for him to resign. it's not just the government that might be keeping an eye on you, the associated press reporting this morning that many retailers are tracking you, or at least your merchandise returns. christine romans joins us now with some details. this is a very interesting notion, why on earth would they be doing this and what exactly are they collecting? >> have you ever noticed if you return something to the big retailers they want to see your id, especially i if you don't have a receipt. they're sending it to a third party to find out if these are repeat offenders. people do wardrobing where people purchase high dollar items and return them quickly.
5:28 am
and people go out and steal things and return them to different stores. they're trying to cut down on waste, fraud and abuse. they say 1% of customers do these things. they're looking at all returns to try to find these patterns. >> what kind of specific information are they looking for and are they storing it? >> they are storing it at a third party consumer group. some people say, this is a big database and they're tracking your returns. they say yeah, we're looking for the bad guys. they're looking for the frequency of returns t dollar amounts of returns, receipts and your purchase history. this is all part of the retail equation in california that looks at all of these returns and tries to find out if there are patterns. so what you'll see on the back of a receipt, as best buy for instance, that says look, if you
5:29 am
have the receipt you can return something unless you're a chronic returner. >> is it this worth them having this snoopability on them having this information and storing it, for this 1% of people. >> 9% of merchandise is returned. something like 9% or 10% of all merchandise is returned. >> storing information and giving it to a third party? >> i once did a story about how your information is stored in something like 5,000 different locations. your social security number, your driver's license. so we're obviously giving this information so freely. retailers make so much money analyzing that kind of information, researching our shopping patterns. >> they say it helps us every time they get a bad guy, it
5:30 am
helps us. >> i just don't return things, i'm too lazy so i just regift. i do. >> thank you for that very fetching nightgown. coming up next on "new day" an update on the texas teen. we have been following this case very carefully. he spent months in jail for allegedly posting a terrorist threat on facebook. he says it was a joke. today he's going to try to get the charge against him dropped. a critical day for this boy's case can. then we have an oldie but a goodie. see nick beef down there, it's a mystery that stumped conspiracy theorists for years whochls wanted a burial plot next to jfk assassin lee harvey oswald. you're going to meet the man known as nick beef. straight ahead.
5:31 am
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5:34 am
wake up monday. >> i'll bust a move. sometimes i'll bust my back. >> you will bust your back. >> welcome back to "new day" everybody, it's monday, august 12. >> coming up this half hour, a teenager who says he was just joking around when he threatened to shoot up a kindergarten classroom on a facebook posting. today he's going to face felony charges in a texas courtroom. he's going to try to get this case dismissed. he said it was a joke and it was his first amendment rights.
5:35 am
we also have some good stuff for you. 20 children in florida owe their lives to a quick thinking daycare worker. she knew something was wrong, and made a difference. imagine the emotion at number one, brett anderson expected to hold a news conference today. that california father reunited with his kidnapped daughter hannah, he was rescued in idaho saturday where fbi agents shot and killed her alleged abductor. the military has hinted that it's losing patience with fans of mohammad morsi. u.s. diplomatic posts back in business, 18 embassies in the middle east and north africa have been opened after a week of feared terror today attacks. teachers in moore, oklahoma work to rebuild class rooms today. many facilities were damaged or
5:36 am
even destroyed in that tornado back in may. hillary clinton one of the featured speakers today at the american bar association. he'll be honored for her legal career. >> thank you, michaela. back to a story we have been following very closely. this texas teenager spent five months in jail after being arrested for a posting on facebook. he's going to appear in a courtroom today to face felony charges on making a terrorist threat. justin carter says he was only joking when he threatened to shoot up a classroom over an online argument. he says a joke nonetheless and he never meant any harm. pamela bradford is here. >> you'll recall that in july, justin carter was released from jail after anonymous donor
5:37 am
posted his $5,000 bail. the first step in the process to get the case dismissed the happening today. now we're getting our first glimpse at the centerpiece of the case in court documents filed by carter's legal team. >> reporter: this is the face book post that turned justin carter's life upside down. >> this kid is beaming with life, he's just trying to -- you know, and they took it all away from him. >> reporter: carter spent five months in jail after writing in part, i think i'm going to shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down. authorities charged him with making a terroristic threat, a felony that could land him behind bars for ten years. but his family says it's nothing more than a sarcastic comment. >> the idea that my son would ever hurt small children is ludicrous, he never would, he's not that kind of person. >> reporter: now carter's lawyers hope this screen grab will actually help their case.
5:38 am
according to court documents they claim carter made no real threat because he used the words i think. and they say his comments were taken out of context. carter's attorneys want the judge to throw out the case. investigators tell cnn they found evidence that carter was engaged in online bullying and made his threat to a woman, an online stranger. an investigation turned up no evidence of an actual plot. clemens, a southern georgia university has been in jail for six months for a writing on tumbler, he said i plan on shooting up georgia southern, pass this around to see what effect it has. see if i get arrested. now he's 2350i8g9ing for his freedom. >> and just like in carter's
5:39 am
case, police in georgia found clemens had no actual plans to attack the school and didn't own any weapons. today in court, carter's attorneys want the judge to release the full conversation of that facebook post along with any information about where the post came from. we have reached out to prosecutors in both cases and we're still awaiting comment. we'll keep you updated on both of these cases. >> appreciate it. that's some tough stuff. now we need some good stuff. 20 kids are alive today thanks to the quick thinking of one woman. a woman caught a whiff of something odd, but in the daytime, she thought it was weird, sweet burning odor is how she described it. she went hunting for it, couldn't find it. then critical move, she asked her staff, were any of the kids who were napping at the time
5:40 am
acting strangely at the time. one said yes, one was a little groggy, that was enough, she cleared out the daycare and called authorities. when they arrived, they found carbon monoxide levels way off the charts. 12 of the kids admitted to the hospital. it turns out the smell was the exhaust of a generator that had been left on accidentally. carbon monoxide doesn't smell. that's the catch here. usually it's odorless. so it's double good stuff, a good double stuff if you're an oreo fan. invest in carbon monoxide detectors. this is the kind of person you want watching your kids. they were all saved because of somebody who took that extra step. >> that's the kind of daycare worker who want.
5:41 am
>> she didn't know what it was, she just knew it wasn't right. a lot of times we think, i don't know what it is, so i'm going to ignore it. >> better safe than sorry. the story came from you, please give us more. tweet us, facebookers use the hash tag. coming up next on new day, who is nick beef? the name appears on a headstone right next to lee harvey oswald's grave. now a 15-year mystery has been finally been solved. we're going to talk with the man behind it next. [ male announcer ] if she keeps serving up sneezes... [ sneezing ] she may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®. powerful allergy relief for adults and kids six years and older. zyrtec®. love the air. high fructose corn syrup
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welcome back to "new day",
5:45 am
everyone a 15-year mystery has been solved. visitors to the grave of lee harvey oswald wonder who's nick beef? that's written on the stone marker right next to oswald's grave. here's a look at this fascinating story. >> reporter: a sliver of grass is all that separates the grave of lee harvey oswald, the lone gunman who assassinated john f. kennedy in 1963. just days after the kennedy assassination oswald was himself murdered and buried in a graveyard in ft. worth, texas. the grave that bears one word, oswald is something of a tourist attraction. >> for the last 15 years it's the headstone next door that has left history buffs and
5:46 am
conspiracy theorists alike. >> there's all kinds of questions around it, whether he was part of a castro regime or a russian agent. >> reporter: in a real life twist t notorious mr. beef has revealed himself to the "new york times." he's alive and well. a 56-year-old artist living in new york. his real name is patrick abbadeen. at age 18, he bought the plot next to oswald with a down payment of $17.50 and 16 easy payments of $10 a month after that, it was his. leaving many now asking why? so will the real nick beef please stand up? oh, you're already sitting at our table. so this is fascinating, i read
5:47 am
this story and it's really captivating, and everything l want to know the answer to the question we posed, why oh, why would you want too buy that plot? >> having seen kennedy a few hours before and not realizing that things were going to change. the next day i was the big show and tell in class. we shortly moved after that to abilene and we moved back to the dallas ft. worth area, my mother and i would often stop by the cemetery and we would look at the grave. and she would say, never forget that you got to see kennedy the night before he died. it's not like i was exalting the man by any means, but it was like how this one man -- the local newspaper in ft. worth had written an article about nobody ever bought the plot next to him. so i just went there and purchased it for $175. it was $17.50 down, and 16 other
5:48 am
payments of $10 a month. for 20 years i just sat on it so to speak. >> right. >> it just meant something to me. >> and now? now that you're part of a mystery solved. i mean you were a russian agent, you were a cia operative. >> a disk joke. what do you make of all the conspiracy and all the wonder around this plot? >> i would like to point out the real reason i didn't put my last name on it. i had children at the time and i didn't want them having to think why is our name next to an alleged asass son. and i had lived with nick beef for years. when people started coming around and making all these silly observations i just ignored them. >> why did you buy the plot and why did you put a stone on it? >> as i said, i bought it when i
5:49 am
was 18. i didn't put a stone on it. i didn't do anything with it for 20 years. >> why did you want it? >> it reminded me that the world can change very, very quickly. having seen kennedy that night and the next day he was gone. anything else that has happened in my life, i would look back on that and say, yes, the world can change quickly. i went by to look at my land and it was now a funeral home and i just went in on the spot and said, pretty much what i have told you guys. >> so for years, reporters have been looking for you. but why now? we know that it's the 50th anniversary of his assassination. why now? >> i had done work as nick beef with some things i do, i mike i
5:50 am
would put them around town and people started posting them on flicker and pretty soon it was some guy claiming to be nick beef. i did mention oswald on my -- it's not mentioned on the website. and pretty soon, i just got a call from the "new york times" a couple of weeks ago and i talksed to my kids and i said well, let's just finally go public and address these rumors. >> do you want to be buried there? >> no, ironically, i prefer to be cremated. >> would you do it again? >> would you buy it again if you had the opportunity? >> absolutely, it's something
5:51 am
personal. it was never meant as a joke or a hoax. >> it was a more innocent time. >> and that innocence changed the next stay after i saw kennedy and he was gone, and 20 years later, i saw how the world changed. it wasn't put there as a joke. >> nick beef, glad to meet you. >> thank you for joining us on "new day." fascinating. coming up, follow the yellow brick road to the operating room? cbs plans for a new show that's based on the wizard of oz. this as has "new day" written all over it. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
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5:56 am
you could say that wizard of oz has a medical theme. the lion needs courage, he's got to see someone for therapy. toto, a veterinarian. i think the witch could be like an hbo administrator. i'll tell you, i remember cop rock so this to me seems a very sketchy idea. i'm giving the time to get time-warner cable award. i'm just saying time-warner cable, not carrying cbs now, time to think about it. >> also time-warner cable is not the same as time-warner our parent company. >> now i can't watch my shows, i'm upset. >> we're going to follow the yellow brick road and we'll be right back.
5:57 am
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that is it for us here on new day. but don't worry, we'll be back tomorrow. so for mickey, kate and chris, have a great day. carol costello is back. let the world rejoice, newsroom is itself once again. >> oh, thank you for that, i appreciate it. and have a great day all of you. newsroom starts now. happening now on the newsroom, breaking overnight a massive sink hole swallows part of a hotel just minutes from disney world. >> one woman was sitting in the tub and the tub just lef tated and that's when she just grabbed a pair of shorts and came out with nothing. >> 60 feet of earth opening up and devouring a three-story building.